Animal nutrition is a question of experienceexpertiseinnovation

To produce livestock feeds capable of creating high added value in farmed animals: this is a goal we have always pursued and achieved at FAMAVIT.

About Us

Since 1956, product customisation has been a constant at FAMAVIT, particularly where focused on the most delicate phase of an animal’s life, namely the reproductive and neonatal phase.

This specialisation translates into production and marketing of complete feedingstuffs, supplements and intermediate medicated products, with particular focus on swine and ruminants.

Specific products, in other words, often tailored to the requirements of individual livestock farmers, with whom we build strong partnerships with the power to maximise their company profitability.


Only with this guarantee is it possible to consistently produce animal feeds of excellent quality.



Each farm has specific feeding requirements which depend on a range of factors. At FAMAVIT, we guarantee that all needs are appropriately met.


An established local presence, commitment consolidated over time, and the ability to listen and innovate.


At FAMAVIT, our priority is to meet farmers’ needs quickly, a pledge we always fulfil thanks to our efficient organisation.

Our History

FAMAVIT was established in 1956, fruit of a business idea based on the values of proximity to the customer in the local area, total quality, and product customisation.

FAMAVIT grew in strength over the years thanks to international partnerships, developing specialist expertise, and investments aimed at achieving production excellence.

Our vision is that of an SME firmly rooted in the local area with the power to compete with the excellence of international players.

Our mission is total quality, specialisation in the most critical and strategic phases of livestock farming, and the ability to listen to our customers. All this translates into customised products and services.