We make the difference at every stage of production

Our goal is WEANBREEDRAISE perfect pigs

FAMAVIT is located in the heart of Italian pig farming. We have always had strong ties with the local area, enabling us to share the challenge of modern livestock farming with our customers. Feeding constitutes the main expense item for pig farming businesses. The nutritional complexity of the reproductive and neonatal phase necessitates an expert and dependable partner, and this is what we strive to be with every ounce of our passion and drive.

Investing in the early phases is crucial as it will influence the performance of the entire production cycle. The neonatal phase significantly affects growth rate, food conversion ratio and a farm’s productivity, generating a direct economic impact.
This is how we work: Total quality-Product customisation-Partnership with the customer


At FAMAVIT, product safety is our number one priority. Only the highest quality standards are accepted. This is why we invest and what we are known for among our customers. State-of-the-art tools, skilled personnel and constant updating: total quality is something we build each and every day.


At FAMAVIT, we meet our customers’ needs using a specially-designed production facility and a formula that constitutes a contact point between farmer, vet/technician and production. We have always been distinguished by our advanced expertise, broad range of ingredients and desire to create high-value solutions for our customers.


The fast pace of the changes impacting on pig farming, our ability to listen and our commitment to supporting farmers make us the partner of choice for businesses wishing to compete on the free market through independent growth. Our locally-based technicians are knowledgeable about opportunities that will enable farmers to achieve their own growth targets.