Our KNOWHOW in the service of our customers

Our technicians are differentbecause they are aware of opportunities

We support farmers in the sale of their pork productions, forming part of supply chains or otherwise, through financial contribution to their breeding activities.

Our expert assistance includes:

Specialist personnel

Technicians and veterinarians, for correct management of livestock health

Customised products

Customisation of special and medicated feedingstuffs

Nutrition plans

Management of specific feeding plans for all stages of breeding

Selected raw materials

Analysis of farms’ raw materials and formulation of feedingstuffs


Continuous monitoring of quality standards

Certified suppliers

Partners we can depend on

In-house Laboratory

Quality control

At our facility in Pompiano, our in-house Laboratory not only analyses raw materials, finished products and fodder for the business and all our customers in Italy but also actively participates in a series of national research projects.

The Central Laboratory’s main responsibilities include:

  • Quality control of incoming raw materials.
  • Compliance control of outgoing products.
  • Analytical control of raw materials and fodder for our customers.

NIR management and SERVICES

NIRS: Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy
Near infrared reflectance spectroscopy is a technique that permits rapid and accurate prediction of the analytical characteristics of raw materials, finished products and their nutritional parameters. The test results are obtained using near infrared reflectance (NIR), a tool capable of interpreting a reflected signal based on calibration curves found within it.

NIR’s great value lies in its calibrations, i.e., the calculation equations that permit interpretation of signals reflected in near infrared spectra. For optimal management of this tool, our Global NIR Team performs several fundamental tasks:

  1. Global standardisation: thanks to a global database, the calibration curves have an extremely high level of accuracy and precision.
  2. Global NIR monitoring: the Laboratory’s NIR is continuously calibrated.
  3. Non-standard GH and NH values and OOS reports: procedures for interpreting and evaluating calibration curve outliers.
  4. Calibration development: the jewel in the Laboratory’s crown is its extremely broad database available for in-house development of calibration curves.

XRF Spectrometer

Minerals are analysed through atomic absorption. This tool permits rapid and safe analysis of the most important mineral components necessary in order to ensure improved ration optimisation and further our knowledge of the actual composition of the fodders used by the farmer.

Laboratory services available to customers

Our Laboratory also offers services dedicated exclusively to our customers. Samples delivered to the Laboratory are analysed accurately and quickly (within 24-48 hours of arrival of the sample).

The results are delivered in an electronic format which can be used by rationing systems.
Analysis is normally performed on the following matrices:

• Fodders
• Raw Materials
• Farm blends
• Finished products
• Milk
• Water
• Swills
• Wheys